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Will you join hundreds of other book sponsors to get books to more children in Laos? Each sponsorship helps us publish one more book in a country where that's still a rare event. Here are details about how to send your sponsorship donation.

Books that need a sponsor: (all amounts are in U.S. dollars)

THE MOUSE THAT SAT ON AN EGG: a book that needs a sponsor.

Following in the grand tradition of Horton, a small mouse named Nuu-Nuu helps a lazy bird by sitting on an egg - for much longer than she had expected. She fills her days by reading, with time out to protect the egg from whatever threatens it. In the end, her efforts bring a welcome surprise.
Lao and English. Sponsorship: US $3750

Big noses and small noses, cat noses and mouse noses, and runny noses, too. Several of our young staff, who grew up without ever seeing a fun book, used techniques such as rhyme, repetition, and humor, so that a new generation of Lao children will enjoy reading as they grow up.
Lao language. Sponsorship: US $1900

One buffalo. Two fish. Three houses. Four boats. Five dragonflies. Inspired by the work of the popular Japanese artist Mitsumasa Anno, Gikong has drawn ten scenes of a growing Lao village, each representing a different number.
Lao language. Sponsorship: US $2300

We are lucky to have a great variety of flavorful, inexpensive, and healthy fruit here in Laos. Sone's lively rhymes combine with the playful pictures of two young artists to introduce Lao children to some new fruits, as well as celebrating some familiar favorites.
Lao language. Sponsorship: US $1750

Can you help? Donations can be made be credit card, by bank transfer; in the USA and Australia you can send a check. Full details are on the donate page.

Sponsors will get a thank-you both in the book, and on our website. If you prefer not to have your name appear, or would like to be listed in a particular way (as a business, for example, or with a partner's name), please let us know.

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