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Our shop and office are in Luang Prabang, Laos. A map is on the visit us page.



Before you send email: Please understand that only one of us is a native English speaker, internet connections can be slow and intermittent, and we all have lots to do to achieve our primary goals of producing and distributing books in Laos. This English-language website was developed so that people in other countries can see what we're doing, but we have few people who are able to answer inquiries in English, and they each have many other responsibilities. Responses to email inquiries will be brief, and may not be as fast as in your country. Before you send email, we ask you to do the following:

* Please look over our website to see if questions are answered here, before sending an email. These pages may help:

English practice sessions

Sponsoring and attending a book party

How to get our books

How to donate or sponsor

How to help from abroad or while traveling

Books that need a sponsor

* Put a few detailed words in the subject line of your message.

* We regret that we are not able to help with requests for travel advice, helping with guesthouse reservations, or forwarding messages, mail, or photographs to people you've met in Laos. We cannot help with distribution of used clothes, toys, medical supplies, school supplies, or other items, nor can we provide support for projects you would like to undertake in Laos. The work described on this website keeps us busy. To purchase books when you are here, there is no need to email in advance, please simply come by and pick out the titles you would like.

Also, a visitor who spent several days at our school has said he'd be happy to answer questions from people thinking of a visit. You may email Ertan: laroj2000 at yahoo.com.au (Just replace the word at with the symbol.) Please understand that he is not in Laos, he does not work here, and can only answer questions based on his experience as a visitor.

Telephone (country code is 856):

Luang Prabang: 071 254 937

Vientiane: 020 5581 7258 or 021 264 513

Our mailing address is:

Big Brother Mouse
P.O. Box 814
Luang Prabang City
Luang Prabang Province

Please use this only for Big Brother Mouse business. We cannot forward mail to people you have met here.

Our street address is below; however, note that street names are rarely used or known here. Our Post Office box is the best address to use for mail.

Wat Nong
Phayaluangmeungchan Rd
Luang Prabang