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8 January, 2018, Phonchan Village, Xayaboury Province, Laos

Launching a Reading Program: For our reading program, we give enough books to each classroom in the school so that children can read every day. Often called "Sustained Silent Reading", this approach develops reading skills, a love of reading, and a habit of reading. We launch the program with a book party, show here. For one full morning or afternoon, our team reads aloud, talks about books, leads outdoor games, and teaches songs about books and reading. At the end, every child gets to choose a book of their own, in addition to the books we leave in the classrooms. Then, beginning in 2015, we do more follow-up visits with the school to be sure the program is set up successfully.

This event was sponsored by IBBY Asahi Reading Promotion Award (Switzerland), the people of the village itself, Lau chen yue, Susan Smith, and Peter mcbrinde (England). Thank you!

How do all these book parties happen? Who arranges them, and keeps track? We encourage you to read about Sonesoulilat (click for "About Us", then "Our Staff", then look for his name). He organized our first rural book party when he was 16. He now runs the entire Joy of Reading project within Big Brother Mouse, which handles school book parties as well as setting up rural home-based reading rooms. And he finished university at the same time.

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