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26 December, 2012, Dong Village, Xayaboury Province, Laos

Book party: At book parties we read from books, play games, and sing songs. At the end of each book party, every student gets to choose a book, usually the first book they've ever owned. Then we give more to the school. Our book parties have two goals. First, we get children excited about books. (Previously, most of them had seen textbooks, but never a book they were eager to read.) Second, we observe closely, to see what books are most avidly read, what's needed, and what techniques help spread a love of reading.

This event was sponsored by Maren Frings (Germany). Thank you!

The activity book in the first picture has games, puzzles, and learning activities, appropriate for each class level. Such booklets are common in western countries, but not in Laos, until Planet Wheeler sponsored these printings. We've already given activity books to 25,000 children.

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