The Green Book of Aesops Fables book cover

The Green Book of Aesops Fables

Colorfully-illustrated storybooks make it fun for children to learn to read Lao, and we've published many such books.

This collection of Aesop Fables takes a different approach. Sometimes children use the pictures to invent their own story – which builds up the imagination, but doesn't build up reading skills. Here we've used just a single small picture to introduce each story, so that beginning readers will focus in on the printed words. It's written at level 4 of our "I Can Read!" series, for children who haven't even learned the full Lao alphabet yet.

retold by Bouakao Tor, Kanya and Manita
Forthcoming :: Lao language :: A5

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Samples pages from our book: The Green Book of Aesops Fables


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